Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Punk Rapper BeME IS Diggin BLAKROC


This Shit Is Amazing What The Motherfuck Is Going On In The World!!!

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  1. I'm so glad some of the original faces of rock n' roll music are starting to become the public faces again...I mean BLACK PEOPLE...it just makes so much sense hearing and seeing us with the music...the fact that anyone thinks some of the greatest bands came up with that"sound" and "soul" in da "rock music" is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfectly fitting that Mos Def sings on this track...cuz he has expessed his outrage over the culture vulture robbery of black music...in the film Cadillac Records, and on the song "Rock n' Roll" on his album "Black on Both Sides".

    What we make on the maintream level has been dictated by corpote execs that created a bankrupt hood rat responsive music industry for black bodies for far too long, and what we made got hijacked by whiteface for far too long...people think liking/making Rock n' Roll is WHITE...hahahahahahaha. Just silly. Glad to see the resurgence! I hope this sticks around and catches on, an I hope it doesn't turn into some watered down bullshit commericial trendy looking scarecrow shit...honestly I just want people to open their minds to music and to who can make it (ANYBODY!). I beieve in cultures united and all are entitled to express what they feel...Honestly music is music and everyone has the right to relate to and experience it...my PROBLEM is just that black people have been stolen from and I would just appreciate the proper reverence and honor paid if its gonna be paid at all, if not, at least just don't blatantly lie and give thieves credit if you are gonna give it!